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.o - Mime: application/octet-stream
.o - Object soubor (Unix/GCC)
.o$$ - Sprint outsoubor
.o01 - Typhoon Voice soubor
.o2c - AMglossar images soubor
.o7$3 - Soubor platformy MAC (Omnis)
.o8o - Mediator5 Repositorytabs Vorlagen.006 soubor
.oa2 - Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasys2
.oa3 - Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasys3
.oab - MS Outlook Address Book
.oas - Japanese : Word processor document (Fujitsu OAS)
.oas - Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasys
.oaz - fax: NetFax Manager
.oaz - OAZ Fax image format
.ob - IBM LinkWay Object cut/paste soubor
.ob$ - Microsoft compressed OBJ decompress with UNPACK.EXE
.obd - Microsoft Office binder template
.obd - Mime: application/x-msbinder
.obe - System Dll Oobe soubor
.obj - Intel Relocatable OBJect Module = compiler/assembler output
.obj - Objects : Metatools' Bryce Support soubor
.obj - Wavefront 3D Object
.obj_ - Soubor platformy MAC (Object File)
.obk - OrCAD Capture Design/Library
.obr - Borland C++ object browser data
.obs - Script (ObjectScript)
.obt - MS Office Binder Template
.obv - ObjectScript visual interface
.oby - EPOC : ROM image
.obz - Microsoft Office Binder Wizard
.oca - OLE Custom Control Library Information
.oca - Visual Basic control typelib cache
.ocdc - Soubor platformy MAC (Mathematica Document)
.ocf - Object Craft soubor
.ocm - Netscape Communicator Aim soubor
.ocp - Advanced Art Studio image format
.ocr - Incoming fax transcribed to text / FAXGrapper
.oct - Musical soubor (Octalizer)
.ocx - OLE Custom Control, 32 bit (Visual Basic or C++) ActiveX control
.oc_ - Game: doko inst soubor
.od1 - Omnis5 Database soubor
.od2 - Omnis5 Database soubor
.od3 - Omnis5 Database soubor
.od4-9 - Omnis5 Database soubor
.oda - Mime: application/oda
.oda - ODA document
.oda - Raster image (CALS Group IV Type 2)
.oda - Used with OCX
.odb - ArcView : Object Database ASCII soubor (ODB format)
.ode - Microsoft Office soubor
.odf - Open Document Interchange Format (ODIF)
.odh - Object Definition Head
.odif - Open Document Interchange Format
.odl - Object Definition Language (Object Library Source for OLE applications)
.ods - NCompass Labs (Internet skript/tbv)
.ods - OpenDocument Spreadsheet soubor (OpenOffice) | www.openoffice.org/
.odt - Open Document text (OpenOffice) | www.openoffice.org/
.odvi - Soubor platformy MAC (LaTeX Filea Documentactex)
.od_ - Oracle driver, .DLL compressed
.oecl - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Database Cach)
.oedb - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Email Databas)
.oem - Sb_awe keys Sb_nt soubor
.of - Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed soubor
.ofc - Open Financial Connectivity soubor
.ofd - ObjectView Form Definition
.off - 3D Object soubor Format
.ofm - PostScript font deskription soubor
.ofn - MS Office soubor New (Other Office Documents)
.oft - Microsoft Outlook template
.ofx - Olicom Fax image format
.ogc - Organica doc
.ogg - Ogg Vorbis audio soubor open-source music encoder http://www.xiph.org/ogg/vorbis
.ogg - Saltlake city game soubor
.ogl - Overlay source code
.ogle - Soubor platformy MAC (Picture Viewer)
.ogm - video format
.ogs - Origin soubor
.ogx - exported classes and resources, Microsoft C++ Component Gallery
.ohp - Dos7 soubor
.ohs - Outbound History (Bink/+)
.oid - Object Interaction Diagram (Prosa/OM)
.oif - QuickBase Web-sharable Database Interchange soubor
.oil - Open Image Library Format image format
.ok - QEDIT soubor
.okr - "3-D Fassade Plus" Feldeinteilung module soubor
.okt - Oktalyzer music module (MOD) soubor
.olb - AUTOGEN soubor
.olb - MS Project Object Library
.olb - Object library VAX
.olb2 - Soubor platformy MAC (CanOpener Library)
.old - Backup soubor
.ole - Object Linking and Embedding (generic name)
.olg1 - Soubor platformy MAC (Lynx)
.oli - Olivetti text soubor
.olk - MS Mail mailbag lock
.oln - MS Visual C++ Outline examples
.olt - MS Visual C++ Outline examples
.oltb - Soubor platformy MAC (OLE Types)
.ol_ - green_line soubor
.omc - Mime: application/x-omc
.omcd - Mime: application/x-omcdatamaker
.omcr - Mime: application/x-omcregerator
.omd - Class model (Prosa/OM)
.omeg - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Mathematica
.omeg - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Mathematica (all kinds of soubors)
.omeg - Soubor platformy MAC (Mathematica)
.omf - Avid video editor interchange data
.on - Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed soubor
.ond - Lotus Notes soubor
.ong - Onglet
.onln - Soubor platformy MAC (Apple DocViewer File)
.onpf - Soubor platformy MAC (Apple DocViewer Prefs)
.onx - Onyx Graphics Postershop soubor
.oo1 - Typhoon : Voice soubor
.oogl - 3d Graphic
.oom - Shroom swap
.op - Rescue Disk soubor
.op2 - Musplay 1.72 soubor
.opa - Psion OPL object soubor
.opc - Microsoft Office 97 upgrade wizard clean-up
.opengl - OpenGL Web site
.opentag - OpenTag
.opj - OrCAD Capture Project
.opl - Psion OPL language source code
.opml - Formát OPML (založený na XML)
.opn - Active options (Exact)
.opo - Psion OPL object
.ops - Dynamite VSP Object Placement Style | www.3am-solutions.com/
.ops - Office Prosoubor Settings soubor (Microsoft Office) | www.microsoft.com/
.opt - Delphi Project Options (text, current project settings)
.opt - digital line graph optional vector data (surface/terrain)
.opt - Microsoft Developer Studio workspace options
.opt - options, Configuration information used by several programs
.opt - QEMM Optimize support
.opt - MySQL database data soubor (MySQL) | www.mysql.de
.opw - Org Plus for Windows organization chart
.opx - Banner Blue Org Chart
.opx - Exact inactive options
.opx - Microsoft Office Organization Chart
.opx - Psion Organizer Programming Language
.op_ - GKSetup support soubor
.oqy - MS Excel OLAP Query soubor
.or2 - Lotus Organizer 2
.or2 - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-organizer
.or3 - Lotus Organizer 97
.or3 - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-organizer
.or8 - Rational Rose Oracle8 database model report
.ora - Oracle configuration parameter soubor
.orc - Oracle 7 Script
.orc - MIDI soubor
.ord - Bc45 Owl soubor
.orf - Soubor ze hry Descent3 | www.descent-3.com/ddn/specs/orf/
.orf - Raw soubor z digitálního fotoaparátu Olympus (ORF processor) | www.dcnicholls.com/plugins/
.org - Lotus organiser soubor
.org - Lotus Organizer calendar
.org - Microcal Origin plot
.org - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-organizer
.org2+ - Lotus organiser soubor
.ori - Original
.orig - Gen original soubor
.original - Netobjects fusion Components Bbscomp message soubor
.orq - Mime: application/ocsp-request
.ors - Mime: application/ocsp-response
.os2 - os2 system soubor
.os3 - Os2warp3 soubor
.osas - Soubor platformy MAC (AppleScriptibrarytanlscpt)
.osax - Soubor platformy MAC (Scripting Additionanlosax)
.osc - Formula one 2001 Options soubor
.osc - Fruitypro Samples Ss_effects soubor
.osd - driver soubor
.osf - Dist Bin soubor
.osp - CWCDATA soubor
.oss - Microsoft Office Search
.oss - Recorded sound from /dev/dsp and Sun /dev/audio
.ost - Microsoft Outlook/Inbox offline folder
.ota - Mime: image/x-ota-bitmap
.otan - Soubor platformy MAC (Open Transport)
.otf - otfsoubor, open with: fontview.exe
.otf - Šablona položkyOutlook (Microsoft Outlook) | www.microsoft.com/office/
.otf - OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Formula Template (OpenOffice/StarOffice)
.otf - OnkoS Text Data soubor
.otf - Soubor písma, formát Open Type
.otgl - Soubor platformy MAC (Open Transport Prefs File)
.oth - ".OtherFolder", MS Power Toys Explorer tool
.otl - OpenTrap Event Log
.otl - Super NoteTab template soubor
.otl - Ventura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format
.otl - Z-Soft Type Foundry outline font deskription
.otlb - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft OLE Type File)
.otnc - Soubor platformy MAC (Open Transport Prefs File)
.otp - Origin soubor(of originlab)
.ots - OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template soubor (OpenOffice) | www.openoffice.org/
.otsl - Open Transport Library - Soubor platformy MAC (Open Transport Library)
.otx - Olivetti Olitext Plus text
.out - Extract individual sound soubors from the input soubor(sox)
.out - OUTput
.outlook97 - Outlook97 mail format for custom mail
.ov0 - Objective Voice E-mail for windows
.ov1 - Overlay soubor (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ov2 - Overlay soubor (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ov3 - Overlay soubor (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ov4 - Overlay soubor (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ov5 - Overlay soubor (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ovd - ObjectVision data
.ove - Cakewalk Overture Score
.ovf - Object Vision
.ovg - ObjectVision converted graphic soubor
.ovl - OVerLay (part of program to be loaded when needed), program code for DOS
.ovm - Bhv Tonstudio Platin soubor
.ovr - OVeRlay (part of program to be loaded when needed), program code for DOS
.owl - Bc45 Owl soubor
.ows - Oxford dictionary (oxford university press)
.oxr - Virus Safe Web Driver
.oxt - audio mod OXX
.oyz - Lotus Approach alternate dBASE index
.ozm - Sharp Organizer memo bank
.ozp - Sharp Organizer Telephone Bank